made to care

The safety, protection and well-being of your child is a matter that we as a company take very seriously. The high chair offers comfort, stability and protection at the same time. From the materials used to the way the chair “grows” along with your child, we take care of the important factors needed to guarantee a safe and pleasant gathering of your loved ones. The high chair turns every family meal into something special!

more than just a high chair

The future means the world to us. Especially that of your child. So when it comes to sustainability as well as responsibility, we do whatever we can to ensure a healthy environment for your little one. That is why we developed a 2-in-1 chair, that can be used as a high chair when your child is a toddler – and that can easily be turned into a play chair. Create memories that last a lifetime!

plain & beautiful

We are known for plain, elegant, and beautiful design: Clear lines and shapes meet to create modern and functional furniture. The high chair follows this idea and is available in six calm, soothing color combinations that perfectly integrate the high chair into every household and home environment.
The washable seat cushion completes the high chair and supports the posture of your child. Danish furniture at its best!

colorful Accessories

A spacious table piece that is easy to clean, a washable seat cushion, a comfortable seat for support and good posture – this is what this modern high chair is all about! It is available in six nice and soothing colors: Blueberry, Sage, Licorice, Sky blue, Coconut and Grapefruit. Eating and feeding never was so easy and so much fun at the same time!

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