our Vision

To be part of your vibrant, imperfectly perfect life with kids.

our mission

Providing all families with unique, responsibly made products that blend safety, functionality and innovation with Scandinavian design excellence.


  • We embrace diversity
  • We act responsible, socially and environmentally
  • We are Innovative, search and find solutions to challenges in a hectic everyday life with children
  • We have deep respect for our heritage and don’t compromise our values.
  • We build on our roots and long-lasting industry experience.


The future belongs to the children. That’s why we need to care for our planet, the kids, and their future as well. Our products represent this attitude and are made to care.


FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This means that the standard of the ethical production is met. FSC-certified wood is responsibly harvested and processed. An environmental consciousness is inevitable. That’s why we use FSC-certified wood for our furniture. Find more information about FSC here


Recycling is basically the process of gathering used materials that are no longer needed and would go to waste – if it weren’t for the sake of sustainability. This way, these materials are given a second life, and at the same time, pollution is reduced. This is why we use mainly recycled materials for our furniture.

for our children.
and their future.

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